Pool Table Information:

Our pool tables are made with the finest care and stored in climate controlled facilities. It is important for us to bring the best wood, slate, and leather together from around the world, to make some of the best pool tables in the world.

  • Solid Wood construction, no laminates
  • Solid Wood cabinets reverse grained and laminated to resist natural tendencies of wood to twist or warp
  • Available in Honey, Teak, Cherry, and Black Cherry finishes
  • Cabinet is solid and 1.5 inches thick
  • Double cross support beams
  • Solid wood corner brackets
  • High quality slate that is 1″ thick, diamond honed, and moisture sealed to prevent warping.
  • Wide rail profiles
  • Genuine leather pockets that are hand tooled
  • Mother of pearl diamond inlayed sights
  • Cabinet features a full slate frame-liner support made of solid wood, no cheap parts used here
  • K-66 tournament grade bumpers/cushions for exceptionally fast play


Wide profile solid hardwood top rails make our pool tables elegant pieces of furniture. Aprons are attached at the factory to secure a precise fit and strength. Nut plates hold the rail and apron to the slate bed with maximum torque strength, allowing optimal alignment.


Legs are the foundation on which the stability of the pool table depends. Our carved legs are all hand-carved with great detail while making sure that the table has a very strong foundation.


We use a state of the art professional multi-layer stain process that enhances the natural beauty of our carefully selected hardwoods with rich/deep luster.
Ultraviolet (“UV”) wood coating is the strongest finish available and has been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a preferred technology for the next century. It provides the enduring durability and beauty that you would expect from a “High-End” furniture finish. SilverLeaf processes, cures, and kiln dries its hardwood to remain stable in any climate. Not only in a particular region such as the humid gulf states, but in the most arid climates, like the deserts in Saudi Arabia. We must do this to cater to all of our customers throughout different regions of the world. We use the highest quality lumber that is available, slow growing trees, mostly from the northeastern United States rather than the fast growing trees usually found in warm climates. Slow growth means tighter growth rings for tight wood grains and much less streaks and discoloration. Also, it is a much more dense and stable lumber, which is a much better for precise grain and color matching, the gluing, milling, cutting, sanding, and finishing that goes into making the best possible pool table for our customers. Because of the large volume of lumber that we use, not only are we able to use the best lumber available, but also at the best prices available, which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. We use several different species of hardwoods, our favorite is maple, but only of the highest grade. Of course, buying the highest grade of lumber is just part of the process. If it is not processed properly you will still end up with an inferior product. We truly understand this philosophy and use it to our advantage. This is just one of the reasons SilverLeaf can offer a Lifetime Warranty on our tables. The first step is to start with only the best northeastern slow growing lumber. It is then kiln dried to the optimal moisture percentage to allow for the best results in cutting, glue up, sanding and finishing. The lumber is then grain matched to give the best combination of beauty and strength. The lumber is immediately sealed, keeping the moisture content consistent so there is no cracking or warping during the assembly and finishing process.


We use K-66 tournament grade cushions with 100% live gum rubber that is formulated to respond consistently to the balls momentum with very precise accuracy. Our cushions allow consistent performance and will last a lifetime.

Genuine Leather Pockets

The leather is wrapped around a die cast iron core for durability and beauty. Most pool tables come with leather shield pockets, but may be available with fringe instead.

1 Inch Slate

Our slate is carefully selected. We use oversized slate that is separated into 3 pieces. The slate is 1 inch thick with an additional slate backing that is 3/4 inch thick. The slate is matched, registered, and diamond honed for a playing surface that plays perfect. Our slate exceeds BCA specifications.